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Our SEO approach is comprehensive and scalable to your business to ensure that the quantity and quality of traffic to your website improves.

Website Development

It’s hard to be successful if you can’t master the fundamentals. Our experience designing and building websites for companies of all sizes ensures that you can rest easy. We’ll make sure your website meets your business goals and wows audiences from the first impression to the last.

Email Marketing

From monthly educational newsletters to conversion and loyalty campaigns, we can help your company develop targeted emails that shorten your sales cycle.

Other Services

Other Services


Your online presence is dynamic. Customers are interacting with your content in a variety of ways. Understanding user behavior and traffic trends and then defining responses to these emerging trends will help keep the site performing at optimal effectiveness. eM2 Consulting can  define and review analytics to make recommendations for improvements at defined intervals throughout the year.

Full Service Digital Marketing

eM2 has the breadth and depth of expertise to manage your complete digital marketing program. From strategic definition to weekly maintenance and updates, we can operate as your digital marketing department and provide a full range of services.


Digital Strategy

In addition to  digital program development and management, eM2 Consulting works with  clients to solve strategic and broad range digital and integrated communications challenges. With deep expertise, eM2 can define digital strategy, perform competitive and digital market analysis, evaluate and lead IT integration of digital programs, research and recommend technology solutions,  define content management plans and strategic content goals, consult on global strategies, and lead the internationalization of existing digital programs.

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What our clients say

“I rely on eM2 Consulting’s global eMarketing expertise and advice to make the critical decisions needed. eM2 has worked successfully through strategy, process, and tactics with a multi-lingual, multi-cultural team. Despite rarely getting all the information desired from our teams, eM2 has shown tremendous adaptability and skill in driving project objectives through the fog of ambiguity.”

Dan Dieter, Marketing Manager, Bayer Healthcare

“Ellie’s ability to navigate in a complex, matrix organization and her expertise in business integrations, mergers and product acquisitions ensured all activities and work product aligned with and enhanced our business strategy and objectives.”

Matthew Cole, Digital Marketing Manager

You rock. I just enjoy the hell out of working with you. You’re the best I’ve ever seen at what you do. Thanks. Simply, thanks.

Lisa Bichsel, CEO BHC Developer@yahoo.com

“I feel fortunate that Ellie stepped in to assist us with a multi-website design project after some rough starts with other designers and also complete re-direction on scope of the projects. Ellie was extremely professional, available, organized and responsive throughout the whole process. Most important to note is that she was working with novice website manager’s on our end and she took the time to teach and guide us to the best practices, ease of use and future needs and capabilities we should incorporate into the infrastructure as we built our corporate site, education site, and our employee INTRAnet site. We are very happy with the way all three sites turned out and the ease of maintaining them. I’ll definitely work with Ellie again next time I need a new website!”

Susan J. Smith, Director Market Development, Dfine Inc. CEO@google.com

eM2 Consulting Group

eM2 Consulting Group has been supporting small and medium-sized businesses in their digital marketing outreach for more than 10 years. With extensive experience defining and implementing a full range of multi-channel and award-winning online programs, we have worked with disperse teams at all levels of organizations to define marketing goals, set measurement criteria, write and approve content, develop multi-media assets, and launch a multitude of digital programs such as websites, email campaigns, international and localized landing pages, SEO programs, and social media campaigns for organizations of all sizes. Find out how we can help your business grow!

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